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BitManta - Anonymous debit card

With over 20 years of experience in offshore banking, we bring you a complete freedom to store and move your hard earned money, without having to deal with regulations. BitManta brings you a truly anonymous bank account and a debit card that's accepted online or at any ATM in the world.

Your debit card is 100% anonymous. Your personal ID information is never required to open an account or create a card, which makes it impossible for us to report to any government.

You can use your card online or offline, wherever Mastercard is accepted. From Paypal account varifications to buying things in stores, there is no limits. While you can create as many virtual cards as you wish for free, you have to order and pay for each physical card.

Almost Limitless
Unlike many debit cards out there, BM card has very high limits. With daily withdrawals from $2,000 and a balance from $20,000, our card can easily compete with other cards.

Your bank account and debit card enjoys the same level of protection that every other bank offers. From the highest level of encryption to 2FA auth, your funds are safe. Even more, your money is backed by Fidel Insurance. Your transaction history is also deleted every couple of minutes, helping you avoid prying eyes at any moment.

You'll never be put on hold, or speak to anyone not proficient in English language. Banking support is always there for you, 24/7, via email or online chat.

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