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BitManta has created an advanced crypto trading algorithm, which will give you the opportunity to monetize your crypto trading efforts far better and faster. Our software is capable of handling over 12.000 trades per second and calculates over 80 currencies at a time, bringing you profits higher than 10%, usually much higher. Additionally, BitManta will launch an advanced P2P trading platform where you'll be able to put your money to work with one single click. The time to act is now. We did it and so should you.

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BitManta Crypto Trading Bot

ABOUT BitManta

After developing for months and testing successfully with big profits, BitManta team has created and will soon release an advanced crypto trading algorithm, capable of handling over 12.000 trades per second and calculates over 80 currencies at a time, bringing you profits higher then 10%, paid out to our members on a weekly basis. Very soon, BitManta will launch an advanced P2P trading platform where you'll be able to put your money to work in no time. Our vision is to bring you the most profitable way to trade crypto and guess what? We do it very well and we're here to stay.

Why Invest In BitManta

Invest in our online platform to get a weekly return from our management of the BitManta Coins. Powered by our (patent-pending) trading alghoritm, it's an impressive and already proven way for passive investors and for those who want to enjoy a weekly passive income to maximize their crypto ROI. The maximum interest rate is 45% per month on your investment. When the contract expires, the investment fund will be returned in accordance with terms. This investment option allows you to profit from the BitManta trading bot, when it will be released to the public. Based on our advanced trading alghoritm, it will buy and sell cryptocurrencies automatically, bringing you far higher return on your investment than any other option out there. Eventually, you can take out your capital from our platform or reinvest at any time.


Our patent pending trading alghoritm has been created with one single goal - to bring you the highest ROI in the crypto world.


Being able to process over 12,000 trades per second and handle over 80 currencies, your trading will get super powers.


Our alghoritm will power the upcoming P2P trading platform, where you'll be able to enjoy a nice and steady income for years to come.


We have a plan, a good one. We're following it with a blind dedication and we're on the right path to succeed.

End of development of BitManta alghoritm

Sep 2017

Private testing and fine tuning

Dec 2017

Private beta release, applied for patent

Feb 2018

Start with the Token sale

Apr 2018

Token Sale

We have come a long way to be able to offer you the ZIN, a BitManta Coin that will give you an opportunity to become a part of something very special. Get it and brace yourself for the profitable future now!

Available supply Available for ICO Abbreviation Coin type Current price Status
10,000,000 7,000,000 ZIN (BitManta Coin) Proof of stake 0,70 USD
23% sold

Our Awesome Team

The team behind BitManta has been working together since 2009. It currently numbers experienced developers, top management and advisor talent. We fearlessly focus on turning new technology into widely-adopted customer experience.


Bastian Fabiani

Founder and CEO, who worked in the finance sector for years. A crypto expert, a decentralized banking enthusiast and a damn fine person. Linkedin

Vlad Sergejev

Lead developer, who worked with several established online outlets, a coder of many advanced scripts and a brain behind our alghoritm.

Jenna Smith

CFO with years of experience in finance and accounting, who worked for some of the top banking institutions. A math lover, a numbers wiz and a really nice person.

What People Say About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our project, please don't hesitate to contact us at: info[at] and we'll respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. In the meanwhile, please check out some of the answers to the most common questions below:

BitManta is an advanced crypto trading alghoritm that is capable of conducting 12k trades per second and handling over 80 crypto currencies. It powers our trading bot, which will be available in our upcoming P2P trading platform.

The main goal is to bring more profit to our users. With a steady minimum of 10% of ROI and more, we claim that this is one of the most profitable solutions in the crypto trading world. Besides, our upcoming trading platform will help you trade much easier and faster than any other platform out there, bringing you more money in less time.

You should invest in BitManta from obvious reasons - more money in less time. Even more, BitManta is a stable and mature product, designed to be scalable, flexible and of course, profitable. Besides, our team has all the necessary skills to make this project a success story. We're here to make a real difference in the world of crypto trading and we're here to stay.

Besides tokens and their derivates, you'll also receive a FREE lifetime license for usage of our trading bot (Premium version), which will help you maximize your trading profits even more.

Yes and no. Although the free version will be available to anyone who will trade with it on our upcoming P2P platform, we'll also have a Premium version which will bring more power to its users (no ads, no limits to the functionality and frequency of requests, with early access to new functions, with a dedicated instance in the cloud and a dedicated IP addresses).

Feel free to send us a message, or connect with our team members directly on their Linkedin pages.

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